Online Giving

On-Line ELECTRONIC GIVING (or direct checks)

5855 East W Avenue, P. O. Box 264
Vicksburg, MI  49097-0264
269/649-1629 x23

You can now fulfill your obligation to financially support the good works
of your Church through on-line payments made directly to

St. Martin of Tours Church.

You do not need a computer for this procedure.  Per your instruction, your bank withdraws funds from your checking or savings account and sends a counter check on your behalf directly to St. Martin of Tours Church for you.  You would specify the amount you wished to donate and the frequency of the withdrawals.  Your bank would then mail St. Martin’s a check according to your wishes, and notify you of the transaction.

Step #1          Contact your banking institute
Step #2          Ask them to include St. Martin of Tours Church in your on-line bill payments.

                      Your bank will ask for the following information:

                      a.   How much would you care to donate?
How often would you care to donate – weekly?  monthly?
                          ** In your calculations, please remember to consider donations for the
                               Solemnities and Catholic Holydays of Obligation – a list of those dates are
                               provided below. **
                      c.  Where should the checks be mailed?  (St. Martin of Tours Church, 5855 East
                               W Ave.; Vicksburg, MI; 49097-0264)

You may cancel your on-line payments at any time simply by calling your bank.  This process is secure for both you and St. Martin of Tours – no account information is exchanged, and no fees are accessed to either party.  It guarantees your regular contributions to the Church, fulfilling your financial commitment as well as assisting the Church meet Her fiscal obligations. 

                                               Please consider on-line payments!

Solemities & Holy Days of Obligation:

• Mary, Mother of God: Tues. Jan. 1, 2013        
• Epiphany: Tues. Jan. 8, 2013 
• Ash Wednesday: Wed. Feb. 13,2013   
• Easter Sunday: Sun. March 31, 2013  
• Ascension Day: Sun. May 12, 2013
• Pentecost: Sun. May 19, 2013
• Holy Trinity: Sun. May 26, 2013
• Body & Blood of Christ: Sun. June 2, 2013
• Sacred Heart of Jesus: Fri. June 7, 2013
• Assumption: Thurs. Aug 15, 2013
• All Saints: Fri. Nov. 1, 2013
• Christ the King: Sun. Nov 24, 2013
• 1st Sunday in Advent: Sun. Dec. 1, 2013
• Immaculate Conception: Sun. Dec. 8, 2013
• Christmas: Wed. Dec. 25, 2013